Can you believe we’re at the season’s end? It seems like only 6 weeks ago that..Oh. Wait. It was. We’ve had such a fun ride and had such great feedback from you guys that we want to do it all again. But we need your help to do that – we need you to tweet it, facebook it, share it EVERYWHERE. Plus you can stop by the GNB store to pick up this week’s limited-edition t-shirts (7 days and they’re gone forever). And you can add the twitter account if you haven’t already.
This week, Gordon is finally auditioning for Burbank Confidential but it’s the same night that Larry the dead lighting guy’s family come to pay their last respects. And someone is fired. Actually two people are. That can’t be good. Plus an interview you have to see to believe with John Barrowman as he gives us the REAL dish on Dr. Who and Torchwod. Co-starring Deanna Russo (Gossip Girl).