I’m proud to announce our very first Goodnight Burbank competition to win a personalized answering machine message from our very own comedy-superstar Laura Silverman! That’s right – Laura will leave her own voice & personalized message on your voicemail so people calling you will get to a celebrity BEFORE they get to you. She’ll create the message and customize it to YOU and YOU ALONE. Cool, right? Hellz yeah! So what do you have to do to win it?

First off, YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET OFF YOUR ASS! Right there you’re already half-way there. Personally, I love a competition where I don’t actually have to move to be a part of it. Secondly, SIMPLY RETWEET a simple message and all who do will instantly be entered into the sweepstakes (is it a sweepstakes? No idea but it sounds very fancy). The MORE you retweet, the MORE your name will be entered!

Huzzah for simplicity!! And here’s the message:

Check out @GoodniteBurbank at http://bit.ly/glshAf and follow them on twitter! Unless you hate laughing. Then do it for the irony.

You can change it up if you want as long as you include the Twitter handle and link. In fact, the better ones that catch our eye will count for two entries!! The competition starts right now and ends Sun May 15th at 12AM PST. So what you waiting for? Get tweeting!!!

PS – And you’d better be following us on Twitter already! :)