The cast of GNB is popping up in a variety of places across the web. We’re collecting as many of them as we can for your viewing/listening pleasure:

Hayden & Laura interviewed on set of GNB (video):


Hayden interviewed on Storycentric (video):

[itvt] – StoryCentric Guest is Hayden Black, Evil Global Corp. – Goodnight Burbank from Tracy Swedlow on Vimeo.


Miracle Laurie interviewed on Geekscape (video):














Hayden & Laura interviewed on Kasteborous (audio):














Here’s an interview Hayden did with the Mighty Boosh fansite, The Velvet Onion.:

Hayden on Steve Garfield’s show

Laura Silverman talks to Ed Crasnick

Hayden’s interview with Hollywood Jane by Megan Christopher

Laura being interviewed on the Hulu Blog