We’re finally here! Goodnight Burbank 2.0 has premiered and here it is – in all its half-hour, new cast, new look beauty. Well, I would say that but why not tell us what you think? Watch the show and leave your comments below. There’s no swearing or nudity so it’s perfectly safe for work – but if you have 30 minutes to spare at your office then you might want to pretend you watched it at home. Once you’ve left us a message be sure to add us on Twitter and buy a fancy t-shirt or something in the store and show us your support!! Each week we put up limited-edition t-shirts that are there for 7 days only – did I hear “collector’s item”?
In this episode, the cast of Goodnight Burbank throw a before-newscast party for the lighting guy’s retirement and realize it’s not the best idea they’ve had.