Hey People!

Welcome to the brand new site for what is pretty much a brand new show. Most everything you loved about the original series’ content and tone is still there but SO much more has been added. It kicks off with an all new cast with some VERY recognizable names; co-starring are Laura Silverman (Sarah Silverman Program), Dominic Monaghan (Lost), Miracle Laurie (Dollhouse), Camden Toy (Buffy), and brilliant appearances by John Barrowman (Torchwood), Juliet Landau (Buffy), Fran Kranz (Dollhouse), Jim Rash (Community), Parvesh Cheena (Outsourced), and TONS more fun and famous faces. There’s a brand new look (did someone say cinema-verite? Apparently I just did), some brand new graphics and a great new story line.

So what was Goodnight Burbank? A comedy launched in 2006 that in 5-10 minute episodes looked at the people who brought us the news whilst they were bringing it. The conceit was simple enough; imagine if you could see what your newscasters said to each other when they had thrown to a package and were “off camera” and boom, you’ve got Goodnight Burbank.

We did the series for a good few years and it picked up some prestigious awards, garnered some amazing press, and was watched in the multi-millions. And that might have been that. Enter Hulu.
Earlier this year, I took a meeting with Hulu who asked if I’d be interested in producing a half-hour version of GNB for their platform. The idea ruminated with me for a while mostly because I wasn’t exactly sure what a half-hour version would look like. Previously, we’d always stuck to the perspective of locked-off news cameras; there’s no way that would sustain itself for a half-hour. Plus there was the problem of making a fast-paced, compelling comedy that took place in real time in, ostensibly, one room. Oh, and pretty much all of the original cast had moved on.

And so after a few long walks with the dog, it came to me. The new look. The new feel and shooting style. And the new way in which to craft what’s still a conventional sitcom but in a very unconventional manner.

So what is Goodnight Burbank (or Goodnight Burbank 2.0)? It’s a comedy about a local channel that’s fallen on hard times. A devastating fire has gutted the original studios and tragically taken with it some of the original cast. A new station owner, a trust-fund baby, has swooped in and bought it cheap. So while he plots and schemes to turn this fledgling channel into his Hollywood playground, the news must go on – and so a long-suffering Gordon Winston-Smythe and a brand new cast of characters are bringing us the news from a green screen set up in the station owner’s friend’s garage.

Yes. A garage.

We shot the series in HD. We still have the news camera’s perspective but we’re adding a whole big fancy, filmic cinema-verite style for when they’re “off camera”. We’ve got real field reporters to throw to, some of whom will be surprising cameos by well-known faces. There’s new theme music. I can’t say enough about the new cast that also includes Diahanna Baxter (Satacracy 88), America Young, Hadeel Sittu, and Cameron Bender.
I’ll leave it there for now, shall I?